Jack The Pool Guy


Have you had problems in the past from those who call themselves “pool professionals”? Well, be prepared to put those worries, concerns, and problems behind you. Feller’s Pool & Spa Service will change the way you look at pool service and most importantly the way you look at your pool.

Knowledge & Experience

Your swimming pool is a major investment for relaxation, fun and tness. Since its cleanliness and water quality impact the enjoyment and health of every swimmer, why take chances with its maintenance and care? Call us today and watch your pool transform and sparkle like it never has before. And, yes, we’re VERY reliable!

Pool Upkeep

Feller’s Pool & Spa Service provides full service swimming pool cleaning services, pool maintenance, and pool equipment repair services in Natomas in Sacramento and West Sacramento. When you own a pool, you know how important upkeep is for the safety of all those who will be enjoying it.

Messy Chemicals

Are you tired of handling messy chemicals? Let us take care of all your pool maintenance needs. Spend your time where you belong…in the pool. Leave the pool service worries to us. Our services include chemical analysis, equipment check, repairs and more. We are proud to provide high-quality service to our customers whether it is a one-time service or weekly full service.

Take your pool worries away!

Owner, Jack Feller

Take your pool worries away! Isn’t it time you started enjoying your pool? Contact Feller’s Pool & Spa Service today and start reaping the benefits of our services and spending more time in your pool! We look forward to hearing from you!